Postcards From Hardly Anywhere

by A Tape Collage For Eloise

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Born from the amalgamation of the first two A Tape Collage For Eloise EP's which were both pretty much recorded around the same time anyway (though a few songs go back even further). These songs were primarily made in the dusty bedroom of a terrace house, recording on a version of Audacity which is well over a decade old as well as a variety of antiquated and barely functioning tape machines. When I listen to this now it makes me think of walking around the industrial estate on those first frosty days of winter.


released December 24, 2010

All songs badly written, clumsily composed, dreadfully recorded and improperly mixed by A Tape Collage For Eloise although "#1" features someone else's music box recorded to Dictaphone in a cold house in Manchester and "Goodbye Joan Marie" features an almost unrecognisable sample of an early 60's pop song that showed up on an old reel-to-reel and that I assume was taped off the radio. It ended up going on there in a backwards spool but when I finally figured out what song it was the tragic irony was not lost on me and I decided that it must have been what poor Joan Marie was optimistically listening to before she came to her awful end.

"Childhood Shoes" features the lovely voice of a girl named Freyia and "My Heart is Broken For You" features my mum wondering why she's reading part of a weird story I wrote.



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A Tape Collage For Eloise UK

These are pieces of apparent music made in a dusty bedroom by a drunken, self sabotaging man-child who isn't a very good singer, musician, lyricist, producer or funambulist. They are the sound of a twit trying to make up for this aforementioned lack of talent by way of eccentric noises coaxed from carpentry tools and typewriters, broken old accordions and tinkered-with Casiotones. ... more

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Track Name: Childhood Shoes
They came like that; in boxes with ribbons and bows
All my feelings buried under the snow
Fade like a memory of childhood shoes
Who'd have thought the first mutant I'd love would be you

So forget me
But Freyia I won't forget you
You broke the world in two
And out poured teeth and words and stars and I was new

Fade like a memory of childhood shoes
Who'd have thought your sweet song could spell my doom
Bring photographs and cassettes to the funeral
And plant them in the frozen soil

So forget me
But Freyia I won't forget you
You broke the world in two
And in fell butterflies and bright blue skies and I was new
Track Name: David is Vanishing
That is not me, that is not my heart
That is not the awkward life I strove to pull apart
Follow Michaels voice into the dark
And carefully avoid the eyes of friends you never had

Emaciated men forage in the junk
Try to find just anything to fill their bodies up
A septic plume of cloud, the grey goes on and on
And a rain that's broken children crying all night long

To think I could be right that when you looked in my eyes
There was something there: a self aware assurance of a life
But now the mirror boy just laughs, he is spiteful, he is sad
He is telling me that David's gone and he's not coming back
Track Name: Blame
Imperfect perfect
Little fabulous object
Unnervingly nervous
Can't cope on your own

Collapsing building
So tragically soothing
So come on claim him
He's weak and alone

(Exasperated Moses
Pull these constant poses
A magazine baby all dotted in ink)

A little too perfect
Forgotten and worthless
If the ghosts are all dancing
Don't stand on their feet

All pallid and perverted
Contained and deserted
He's no one to blame but himself
Oh well!

Imperfect perfect
Little fabulous object
Unnervingly nervous
Awake and alone
Track Name: Goodbye Joan Marie
No one even knows that Joan Marie is dead
The snowdrift covered up her gentle form
Darkness finally gone from in her broken head
Promise me you're somewhere safe and warm

No one even cares that Joan Marie is dead
The snowdrift covered up her tiny bones
Darkness finally gone from in her broken head
God I hope you'll stay out of the cold

............... gave in to the subtle pull of death
Where glass teeth sit perilous on geriatric branches
In the sunrise she became a ghost and a sense of backlooking weariness filled up the morning's shrunken belly
Forgive you? I will never forgive you
I will quake in exasperate fever and simmer with regret
I will not forgive the god who stole like a magpie all the colour from the world
She was once detailed and intricate brush-strokes but her image is softened and slowly fading away
Track Name: My Heart is Broken for You (A Dozen Colourful Butterflies)
Had I known it was just a dream at the time I would never have crept up those winding stairs clutching the trunk tight to my chest. I reached the light-room and unlatched the doors which snapped open in the reckless winds the ocean there beyond swelling with malice. A salty haze rose from the rocks far below and I lifted the trunk, letting its lid fall open, and watched as a dozen colourful butterflies uncrumpled and took flight; your old clothes, just for a second, and then falling into the sea.
Track Name: Feu de Joie
Oh would you watch me as I burn?
Slow lover, faded in our terms
If the autumn has taken back your little sack of lies
I'm happy for you I swear and I hope you're happy that I won't cry
You were sick all over the carpet in the dining room
And I held your head and held your heart

Well the snow has made it's mark on this little harbour town
The seagulls shriek their raucous songs
The kind you used to frown upon
Let me get your old things and watch them as they burn
I will hide your body in the springtime
In the ferns
Track Name: Rose Coloured Insides
I'll always wait for you
I'll always wait for you
I'll always wait for you
Track Name: 18th Summer
There were days at Luke and Catherine's
When the sun would never set
And this acne scarred embarrassment
Could have some meaning yet
When we crept into the night time
And you lit your cigarette
I looked into those bad eyes
And I had some meaning

Yeah you, you seemed so young then
I dare not recall

I lay dissected on the slab
They are pulling out my insides
Right before my eyes
And the gory scene I've painted
Has no meaning now
And I am a fool for staring
At things that are long gone
Like the distance makes them better
Then for further things I long
And I look into that mirror
And I can't remember how
I once believed I'd become
Something that would glow
From just trying to make them proud