Your Smile Is Made Of Vanished Days

by A Tape Collage For Eloise

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This album was assembled using a Ferguson 3262 Cassette Recorder, a Pearlcorder S711 Microcassette Dictaphone, a couple of old reel-to-reels and a decade old version of the free recording software, Audacity, which doesn't really work properly anymore. I am listing these mediums partly because they inform the sound of the album and partly as an attempt to direct blame upon my tools. I am indeed a poor workman.

Some of these songs survived multiple hard-drive crashes, rain coming in through the ceiling and complete mental breakdown.


released October 30, 2015

Things you will regret hearing on this album are as follows: Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Casio and Roland Pianos, Rewired Casiotone MT-65, Bowed Saw, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Toy Piano, Yamaha PSS-9, Telecaster, Bass, Boss Dr-550, Korg Volca Beats, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine, Radiogramme.

Thanks to Jamie for providing me with the Casio Piano used on tracks 1, 2, 7 & 8 and the Yamaha PSS-9 used in the intro to track 3.



all rights reserved


A Tape Collage For Eloise UK

These are pieces of apparent music made in a dusty bedroom by a drunken, self sabotaging man-child who isn't a very good singer, musician, lyricist, producer or funambulist. They are the sound of a twit trying to make up for this aforementioned lack of talent by way of eccentric noises coaxed from carpentry tools and typewriters, broken old accordions and tinkered-with Casiotones. ... more

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Track Name: The Last Bonfires
Well the dust and the cobwebs and the antique denial
Are all furniture now in the house where you lived as a child
In the yard where the embers of bonfires still sometimes glow
And the smoke still hangs there from some autumn night
Years ago
Track Name: Elegy/Absentee
I walked alone to see the sad scene unfold
They were there beneath the ground
With their hands sticking out
Like little trees reaching for the sun
Reaching for the old days all gone
I found a grave and I lay down
And let the soil fall around

Your wayward dad in the empty light you had
Once in a dream beneath the wrapping paper trees
He sung you a song and played a violin along
He was brave
He was strong
He was there and he was gone
Track Name: Saints Be Praised For The Nuclear Winter
Well the consequential dawn sadly fell against the door I remember seldom nights with you but that was all before unknown to my poor self you knocked against my shell with intent to wake a sleeping soul but no such soul awoke just echoes through the smoke

And when migrant cuckoos dive from the laughter of the sky it is hard to make them fly again it is hard to make them fly and when winter threw it's shoes into the corner of my room I looked back through the mutoscope and I thought that I saw you but you were distant and dilute so I turned my face away into the shivering afternoon
Track Name: Teenaged Summer Anthem
Why have you gone?
I miss your laughter
Dust settled on
Your bleached skeleton
Leak tape hiss tears
You cannot rewind
Sad marionette
Dance out of time

I don't mind

Smile like a knife
Cutting through me
We'll lie to your mum
She hated me
Waste our last years
Falling apart
Sound disappears
From your worn out

Dictaphone heart
Track Name: Nettle Stings
It feels like nettle stings as the glass like promises of sunlight dissolve in the trees
There is a white balloon caught in the branches along with lengths of rope and tattered polythene
Up there too hang the garments of a wasted youth
Too high to reach now, too far up for these old bones to climb
We’d do better to stay down here and rake the scattered polaroid’s into piles like fallen autumn leaves
Then burrow into them and hide for just a little while
Disappear into some perfect haunted summer that trembles in the past
Track Name: Hundred Corpses In An Irrigation Ditch
These unspeakable words fall out of time
While children cover their eyes
"This unseeable scene!" the women cry
And the soldiers come in
Baring cigarettes and bayonets and breaking hearts
The killing starts
Focus is lost on the screen
The camera tilts
The girls can't scream
They cut out their tongues

They saw the ghosts in the woods
And just turned away
They stole the perfect blue sky
From a summers day
Do what you're told because you're scared
Pretend you are not there
Track Name: Corridors
Please un-rake all the leaves and quietly lose everything
Who's there to process the film when you die?
(Undeveloped and unseen)

In this broken building where your lungs were born
Leave 'em here to decompose with the kettle on
We're all forgotten hospitals anyway;
Long nostalgic corridors of fading paint

With a burning sadness
Raise a toast to the ghost of nuclear winter
When they broke your heart
Behind those sad and salty seafront facades
(Below the raucous static of the gulls above)

In a broken tape machine
The hijacked hallowed days
Of torn up skater jeans and acne speckled honesty
Are captured but can never be replayed
Track Name: Stone Tape Theory Song
All the awnings spilled their guts of tea-stained leaves
Upon the morning's quaking hands and creaking knees
A patina of better times upon my face
Your voice still wanders through the halls of this old place

And I don't ever want to hear those words again
Watch the old days grow and grow and then turn away
And now the house will not be home on rainy days
I feel the weeds climb up my legs to strangle me

(By the ambivalent light of dawn
I wait to be found
But curious children trespass no more
Upon these unkempt grounds
By the ambivalent light of dawn
I'm finally found;
A dishevelled statue on the lawn
Of our tumbledown house)